2011 Media Releases

December 2011

Date Title
20 Dec So You Want to be a Councillor 2012 Seminars(PDF, 39KB)
16 Dec International Womens Day Art Prize Exhibition(PDF, 38KB)
15 Dec Family Favourites - A Feast of Culinary Secrets(PDF, 39KB)
15 Dec Go Red For Women Success(PDF, 39KB)
13 Dec Town Gown Partnership Looks to Future(PDF, 69KB)

November 2011

Date Title
28 Nov Mass Swearing at White Ribbon Breakfast(PDF, 35KB)
21 Nov City of Ryde Sets the Record Straight on Civic Precinct(PDF, 39KB)
18 Nov City of Ryde Calls for Tighter Regulations on Student Accommodation(PDF, 58KB)
10 Nov Festive News and Events(PDF, 45KB)
10 Nov Council in Sound Financial Position(PDF, 44KB)
10 Nov Ryde Park Goes Beached As(PDF, 39KB)
8 Nov Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 32KB)
7 Nov Mayor Sets Record Straight for Ryde Civic Precinct Redevelopment(PDF, 40KB)
4 Nov What's On in the City of Ryde - Free Events(PDF, 40KB)
3 Nov Men Urged to 'Take the Pledge' at White Ribbon Breakfast(PDF, 39KB)
2 Nov November News in Brief(PDF, 44KB)

October 2011

Date Title
31 Oct Eastwood Cinema in the Plaza Success(PDF, 34KB)
28 Oct Seminar for Potential Women Councillors(PDF, 35KB)
26 Oct Youth Environment Prize Winners(PDF, 38KB)
19 Oct Cinema in the Plaza - Eastwood(PDF, 34KB)
11 Oct Eastwood Kids Go Active to School(PDF, 39KB)
11 Oct Rates a Winner for City of Ryde(PDF, 35KB)
11 Oct Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 27KB)
6 Oct Korean National Day Flag Ceremony(PDF, 39KB)
5 Oct Investigation of Alleged Dog Attacks(PDF, 39KB)

September 2011

Date Title
29 Sep Capital Works Update(PDF, 67KB)
27 Sep Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 40KB)
27 Sep Cool at the Core 2011(PDF, 47KB)
26 Sep A - Z of Granny Smith Festival(PDF, 41KB)
26 Sep Ryde Provides Missing Link in Harbour Walk(PDF, 40KB)
16 Sep SecondHand Saturday Fever(PDF, 46KB)
14 Sep Mayoral Election 2011(PDF, 40KB)
13 Sep Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 37KB)
2 Sep Eat History - A Feast of Family Recipes(PDF, 40KB)

August 2011

Date Title
30 Aug Australian National Flag Day(PDF, 40KB)
30 Aug New Council Meeting Structure(PDF, 44KB)
30 Aug Ryde Rivers Festival(PDF, 39KB)
29 Aug Ryde Civic Precinct Planning Proposal - Public Consultation(PDF, 29KB)
25 Aug Partners for a Stronger Economic Future(PDF, 52KB)
24 Aug Ryde Businesses Cut Energy Bills(PDF, 40KB)
23 Aug Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 39KB)
22 Aug New Look Website(PDF, 349KB)
10 Aug Ryde Community and Sports Centre Opening Celebrations(PDF, 43KB)
4 Aug Surf's Up at Ryde(PDF, 35KB)
2 Aug Knitters Rise Early for Wrap with Love(PDF, 35KB)

July 2011

Date Title
19 Jul Committee of the Whole Meeting Summary(PDF, 31KB)
18 Jul Mayor Leads City of Ryde onto International Stage(PDF, 40KB)
7 Jul National Tree Day Seeds Community Growth(PDF, 41KB)
1 Jul New Ryde Community and Sports Centre Opens(PDF, 40KB)

June 2011

Date Title
28 Jun Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 64KB)
22 Jun City of Ryde Success at National Assembly(PDF, 58KB)
15 Jun City of Ryde Mayor to Attend International Business Summit in Brisbane(PDF, 54KB)
14 Jun Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 61KB)
10 Jun Gold Award for City of Ryde Annual Report(PDF, 65KB)
9 Jun One Drop Festival - Eco Fun for All the Family(PDF, 75KB)
7 Jun Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 73KB)

May 2011

Date Title
25 May Records Broken at New Ryde Library(PDF, 58KB)
24 May Mayor Drops in for Big Morning Tea(PDF, 58KB)
10 May Graffiti Action Day(PDF, 60KB)
10 May Awards Recognise Our Volunteers' Great Contribution(PDF, 56KB)
9 May Local Urged to Get Active by Walking for Fitness(PDF, 60KB)
3 May Committee of the Whole Meeting Summary(PDF, 65KB)
2 May New Centre for Planning and Business Opens(PDF, 61KB)
2 May City of Ryde Wins Women in Local Government Excellence Award(PDF, 53KB)

April 2011

Date Title
28 Apr Healthy Kids Go Active 2 School(PDF, 61KB)
21 Apr New Ryde Library(PDF, 66KB)
19 Apr Committee of the Whole Meeting Summary(PDF, 64KB)
12 Apr Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 63KB)
1 Apr Charity Golf Hits Gold on Green(PDF, 62KB)

March 2011

Date Title
29 Mar When Trouble Strikes, How Do You Act?(PDF, 61KB)
28 Mar Humans the Living Link Between Libraries(PDF, 54KB)
22 Mar Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 59KB)
21 Mar Council to Protect Grave Site of Bennelong(PDF, 54KB)
8 Mar Council Meeting Summary(PDF, 63KB)
3 Mar All the Colours of Ryde Festival(PDF, 61KB)
1 Mar Great Response to International Women's Day Art(PDF, 53KB)
1 Mar Committee of the Whole - Meeting Summary(PDF, 65KB)

February 2011

Date Title
24 Feb Make a Date for Cinema in the Park(PDF, 60KB)
22 Feb Committee of the Whole - Meeting Summary(PDF, 63KB)
22 Feb Love Food Hate Waste Student Demo(PDF, 69KB)
18 Feb Top Ryde City Receivership(PDF, 53KB)
17 Feb Cinema in the Park(PDF, 61KB)
15Feb Committee of the Whole Meeting Summary(PDF, 66KB)
10 Feb Ryde Council to Fight Planning Minister's Direction on Community Radio Transmitter(PDF, 53KB)
4 Feb International Women's Day Art Exhibition - Entries Now Open(PDF, 61KB)
2 Feb $20,000 Flood Disaster Appeal Pledge(PDF, 53KB)
1 Feb Committee of the Whole Meeting Summary(PDF, 66KB)
1 Feb City of Ryde Wins Inaugural Local Government Gender Equity Award(PDF, 53KB)

January 2011

Date Title
28 Jan Cinema in the Park Festival - Twice the fun over two weekends(PDF, 64KB)
26 Jan For Service to the Community - 2011 Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year(PDF, 62KB)
25Jan World & Olympic Champion Steps In As Ryde’s Australia Day Ambassador(PDF, 53KB)
19Jan Lunar New Year Celebrations(PDF, 61KB)
18Jan Have Your Say on How To Keep Crime Low(PDF, 53KB)
17Jan Kid's Art Reinforces Back-To-School Road Safety Campaign(PDF, 62KB)
13Jan Australia Day Concert: Your Chance to Help Queensland Flood Victims(PDF, 54KB)
7Jan Illegal Dumping on the Increase(PDF, 69KB)
7 Jan 2011 Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year(PDF, 62KB)
6 Jan Celebrate Australia Day 2011 With Us(PDF, 62KB)