2015 Media Releases


Date  Title
18 Dec State Government announces Forced Mergers and ignores our Communities(PDF, 366KB)
16 Dec   End of the line mentality for Macquarie Park to Parramatta Light Rail(PDF, 231KB) 
16 Dec Council votes for synthetic turf to ease soaring demand for sporting fields(PDF, 231KB)
15 Dec End of the Line Mentality for Macquarie Park to Parramatta Light Rail(PDF, 230KB)
14 Dec

Christmas Lights Winners Lighting Up Ryde Skies(PDF, 222KB)

8 Dec Light Rail decision has let Ryde down, again(PDF, 217KB) 
7 Dec A Happy Ho-Ho Time at the Community Christmas Celebration(PDF, 205KB)
3 Dec

Unique Calendar Designed to Promote Road Safety(PDF, 209KB)


Date   Title
27 Nov

Making Parramatta River Swimmable Again By 2025 – One Year In(PDF, 3MB)

27 Nov

Ryde’s Night Time Economy – Activating Macquarie Park(PDF, 214KB)

20 Nov  New M.E.R.C. Unveilled by Liquor Accord(PDF, 219KB)
19 Nov Council's Human White Ribbon Raises Awareness(PDF, 289KB)
19 Nov  JRA Partners will not succumb to Premier's 'Bully-Boy' Tactics(PDF, 441KB)
 12 Nov City of Ryde Steps Up to Challenge of Affordable Housing(PDF, 216KB)
10 Nov Your Special Rates at Work(PDF, 239KB)
04 Nov 

Parramatta Council’s Hostile Take Over Bid will Suck the Life Blood out of Ryde’s Economy(PDF, 213KB)



Date Title 
29 Oct

Parliamentary Inquiry Vindicates Joint Regional Authority as a Superior Model for Councils in Metropolitan Sydney(PDF, 356KB) 

23 Oct  Ryde's strong labour force continues to build(PDF, 186KB)
23 Oct

Winners of Spring Garden Competition Announced(PDF, 253KB)

20 Oct Ryde Financially Fit - Yet Still Slated For Merger(PDF, 286KB)
19 Oct Granny Smith 30th Festival Goes Off With a Bang(PDF, 324KB)
15 Oct Ryde Heritage Trail Launch Event(PDF, 213KB)
15 Oct

Keep Councils Local:LGNSW Delegates Demonstrate Overwhelming Support for the Formation of Joint Organisations for Metropolitan Sydney(PDF, 280KB) 

15 Oct City of Ryde Art Society Exhibition(PDF, 357KB)
02 Oct Ryde River Walk's new Gladesville section reveals hidden gems(PDF, 217KB)


 Date Title 
29 Sep Do you know someone who makes our community a better place?(PDF, 226KB)
29 Sep Granny Smith Festival's 30th Year(PDF, 301KB)
24 Sep Ryde Mayor Disappointed at the State Government’s Announcement for Macquarie Park(PDF, 218KB)
21 Sep  Mayor Laxale Calls for More Action on Schools(PDF, 211KB)
17 Sep Ryde Ready to Welcome Refugees(PDF, 212KB)
11 Sep Power Outage across suburbs of Ryde - Thursday 10 September 2015(PDF, 167KB)
09 Sep City of Ryde Mayoral Election 2015(PDF, 287KB)
09 Sep New Council and Committee Meeting Calendar(PDF, 215KB)
03 Sep Bike Week Skills and Safety Clinics(PDF, 245KB)
02 Sep Councils deliver on a new ten-year regional waste contract for Northern Sydney(PDF, 346KB)


Date   Title
27 Aug  Surf Ryder Wins NSW Project of the Year Award(PDF, 299KB) 
27 Aug Councillors want value for money on all-weather sports field surface(PDF, 204KB)
26 Aug NSW Electoral Commission determines not to prosecute Ryde Councillors following ICAC Investigation(PDF, 209KB)
21 Aug The Art of Transforming Waste to Art(PDF, 368KB)
20 Aug Ryde Swim Teacher Named Best In The Nation(PDF, 211KB)
18 Aug  Training and Employment opportunities at Ryde Jobs & Skills Expo(PDF, 225KB) 
10 Aug Ryde Council Wins Prestigious Communications Award(PDF, 185KB)
07 Aug City of Ryde to sign Friendship Agreement with Dongguan City(PDF, 208KB)


Date Title
24 Jul Unusually High Winter Rainfall Disrupts Football Season(PDF, 299KB)
22 Jul Crackdown on Illegal Dumping(PDF, 220KB)
22 Jul Signing signifies Ryde is a better place for everyone, everyday(PDF, 314KB)
15 Jul Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast(PDF, 210KB)
10 Jul Skill sharing result from Cross-Council Cooperation(PDF, 218KB)
01 Jul High Price of Tree Vandalism(PDF, 156KB)


Date    Title
30 Jun It's time to toil in the soil(PDF, 231KB)
26 Jun Help create a Wildlife Corridor for National Tree Day(PDF, 209KB)
24 Jun No Butts About It - Eastwood Plaza to be Smoke Free Zone(PDF, 217KB)
23 Jun Parramatta Council Labelled ‘Parasitic Megalomaniacs’(PDF, 286KB)
19 Jun Ryde Council Wins Fifth Gold Award for Annual Report(PDF, 227KB)
19 Jun City of Ryde hosts state Age Netball Championships(PDF, 214KB)
18 Jun Banners Promote Smoke Free Campaign(PDF, 132KB)
17 Jun Joint Regional Authority - A superior Solution to Forced Amalgamations(PDF, 381KB)
16 Jun 'Build Light Rail where the jobs are ' says Ryde Mayor(PDF, 294KB)
11 Jun Hornsby Council labelled ‘Desperate and Dateless’ in Hostile Takeover Bid(PDF, 291KB)
04 Jun Community Celebrates Refugee Contribution(PDF, 308KB)


Date Title
29 May ‘Make It Happen’ Women’s Art Prize Winners Announced(PDF, 310KB)
28 May Wave Ryding made easy with Surf Ryder Master Class(PDF, 109KB)
19 May ELS Hall amenities block upgrade kicks goal for the community(PDF, 108KB)
15 May Ryde Bowling Club to Retain Community and Recreational Usage(PDF, 80KB)
15 May Council Resolves to Redevelop Argyle Centre Site(PDF, 83KB)
12 May Volunteer of the Year Winners(PDF, 136KB)
12 May Residents up in Arms at Possibility of Forced Amalgamations(PDF, 238KB)
08 May Construction of Critical Missing Link in Light Rail Network is a ‘No Brainer’(PDF, 242KB)
08 May ELS Hall Amenities Block Upgrade Kicks Goal For The Community(PDF, 224KB)
08 May Hungry for Art Festival Mobile Phone PhotoComp Winners(PDF, 316KB)
06 May City of Ryde Says ‘Thanks’ to Volunteers(PDF, 237KB)
06 May Light Rail Symposium, Friday 8 May 2015(PDF, 226KB)


Date Title
30 Apr Fatality Free Friday - Take the pledge to drive safely(PDF, 310KB)
20 Apr Hungry for Art Festival is Back(PDF, 453KB)
17 Apr Flanders' Poppies Bloom in Ryde(PDF, 442KB)
14 Apr New bigger playground for Memorial Park(PDF, 226KB)
10 Apr City of Ryde Responds to TWU Protest(PDF, 258KB)
07 Apr R Y D E’s Red Letter Anzac Day(PDF, 234KB)
02 Apr National Youth Week 2015 - It Starts With Us(PDF, 383KB)
01 Apr Heart-ful Thanks to Volunteers(PDF, 210KB)


Date      Title
26 Mar Expert Says Forced Mergers Won't Deliver Benefits(PDF, 282KB)
23 Mar Keep Council's Local: MPs in Sydney's North Must Stand up for Ratepayers(PDF, 435KB)
20 Mar Residents Respond Positively to Argyle/Bowling Club Site Options(PDF, 212KB)
20 Mar Keep Councils Local: Ratepayers Reject Amalgamation with 82% Vote(PDF, 438KB)
18 Mar Local women who made change happen(PDF, 387KB)
16 Mar Keep Councils Local: Baird Government must reveal amalgamation plans(PDF, 430KB)
13 Mar Make it Happen Women’s Art Prize Announced(PDF, 210KB)
12 Mar OMG! Don’t get DISTRACTED(PDF, 307KB)
10 Mar Harmony Day Festival with a Latino Twist(PDF, 216KB)
10 Mar Body Cameras see 98% drop in Ranger assaults(PDF, 122KB)
04 Mar P I N K Football4All(PDF, 294KB)


Date Title
25 Feb New East Ward Councillor Declared(PDF, 205KB)
19 Feb Wishing You Good Fortune in the Year of the Sheep(PDF, 230KB)
18 Feb Council Adopts City of Ryde's response to the Fit for the Future Initiative(PDF, 114KB)
17 Feb Ghostbusters at Eastwood Plaza gets the Green Light(PDF, 307KB)
12 Feb Council Adopts the Revised Delivery Plan and Endorses a Special Rates application to IPART(PDF, 113KB)
12 Feb By-election for East Ward, City of Ryde(PDF, 118KB)


Date Title
27 Jan Trampolines Add Extra Bounce at Monash Park(PDF, 205KB)
26 Jan Citizen of the Year Winners 2015(PDF, 107KB)
22 Jan 2015 Community Grants Now Open(PDF, 217KB)
21 Jan Macquarie Park Prospectus(PDF, 222KB)
13 Jan 2015 Citizen & Young Citizen of the Year(PDF, 159KB)
09 Jan Australia Day Ambassador Adds Spice to Ryde’s Celebrations(PDF, 217KB)
06 Jan Ryde Celebrates Australia Day 2015(PDF, 320KB)