Garbage Collection

Each household is provided with one 140 litre red lid garbage bin which is emptied weekly.

Small apartment buildings are allocated one 240 litre red lid garbage bin per two units which are emptied weekly. Large apartment buildings are provided with 1100 litre bins to be shared between multiple units which are serviced three times per week.

Please note:

  • Only Council issued bins will be emptied
  • Excess garbage in bags or cartons will not be collected
  • Bins overflowing, weighing greater than 70kg and/or containing unacceptable material will not be emptied.

Where does your waste go? 

Your garbage is collected and transported by truck to Clyde where it is sent by train to the Woodlawn Eco-Precinct near Goulburn. Metals, plastics, glass, paper and cardboard are separated for recycling and recovery. Organic matter is processed and used to remediate old mining sites. The residual waste goes into a bioreactor where it is converted into energy and waste heat used to power nearby homes.


Council will collect:

 Plastic bag with rubbish inside Illustration of a tick.png Bagged garbage
Food scraps
Illustration of a tick.pngFood scraps
Soiled nappies
Illustration of a tick.pngNappies
Empty plastic bag
Illustration of a tick.pngPlastic bags
Collection of plastic and foil wrappers
Illustration of a tick.pngPlastic packaging
Polystyrene box with lid off
Illustration of a tick.pngPolystyrene and packing material
Foam meat trays
Illustration of a tick.pngFoam meat trays
Box of tissues
Illustration of a tick.pngTissues and paper towels
Small household items including umbrella and mug
Illustration of a tick.pngSmall broken household items
Pile of cat litter
Illustration of a tick.pngAnimal waste and kitty litter

Council will NOT collect:

Bottles of chemicals

Illustration of a cross Hazardous waste such as chemicals, paint, motor oil, car batteries or gas bottles—take these to a Household Chemical CleanOut drop-off event.

Pile of e-waste

Illustration of a crossTelevisions or computer equipment — book a free kerbside Television and Computer Collection service.

Lightbulb, batteries, ink cartridge and cellphone

Illustration of a crossProblem waste such as batteries, light bulbs, ink cartridges and mobile phones —take these to a Problem Waste Drop-off Station.

Brick and sheet iron

Illustration of a crossBuilding and construction materials — take to your nearest Resource Recovery Centre (fees may apply).

Soil and rocks

Illustration of a crossDirt, rocks or soil — take to your nearest Resource Recovery Centre (fees may apply).

Microwave, fan and washing basket

Illustration of a crossLarge household items — rehome through a free collection from The Bower or Second Hand Garage Sale, or book a free Pre-Booked Household CleanUp Collection.

Needles and syringes inside plastic bottle

Illustration of a crossSyringes or needles— pick up a free medical sharps container and take to a pharmacy participating  in our Medical Waste Service.

Bottles of medicines

Illustration of a crossMedicines — Take expired and unwanted medicines to your local pharmacy for safe disposal as part of the Return Unwanted Medicine Project.

Bottles, cans and boxes

Illustration of a crossRecyclable items — put these in your yellow lid Recycling bin.

Pile of plants

Illustration of a crossGarden organics — put these in your green lid Garden Organics bin.

Visit our A to Z Guide of Waste and Recycling for more disposal options.

Did you know you can upsize or downsize your bins?

If you live in a household with a standard 140 litre garbage bin, you can choose to upsize to a larger 240 litre garbage bin through our Premium Service, or downsize to a smaller 80 litre garbage bin through our Eco Service.

Additional bins can also be purchased for households and apartment buildings.

Please note each waste service has a different charge which will be reflected in your Council Rates. Visit our Domestic Waste Charge page for more details.

Resources in Other Languages

You can find information on City of Ryde's garbage, recycling and garden organics collection in languages other than English below.