Sustainability Talks - Episodes


These Podcasts have been brought to you by 2SER and Macquarie University. 

Urban Resilience

Ed Blakely | Director of Recovery in New Orleans after Katrina Disaster (2007-2009)

Kristin Gabriel | Deputy Chief Resilience Officer for Metropolitan Sydney

David Webber | Senior Community Engagement Officer, State Emergency Service 

Kylie McMahon | Senior Coordinator Environment, City of Ryde 



Marg Prendergast

How can we embrace disruption as we find ourselves on the cusp of a different and changing transport world?

8mins 30secs • Wed 9 Aug 2017 • Download Marg Prendergast presentation(PDF, 4MB)

Zara Crichton

How bringing key stakeholders together can help drive behaviour changes for transport and focus on sustainable and effective transport solutions. 

6mins 35secs • Wed 9 Aug 2017 • Download Zara Crichton presentation(PDF, 2MB)

Rebecca Edwards

How will the SBAs Sustainability Mobility Project help businesses respond to the challenges and opportunities of meeting Sydney's mobility needs more sustainably? What does sustainable mobility mean for Sydney? And how can the project bring forward solutions that shape mobility and innovation? 

8mins 23secs • Wed 9 Aug 2017 • Download Rebecca Edwards presentation(PDF, 1MB)

Green and Public Spaces

Adrian McGregor

Cities are becoming our primary habitat thus creating urban societies, but with limited funds and public land to create open spaces how can we unlock our lost public land and develop it into the "green grid"? And how can community get together and transform forgotten unloved places to something of great value?

5mins 49secs • Wed 13 Sep 2017 • Download Adrian McGregor presentation(PDF, 27MB)

Ben Peacock

The 202020 Vision has a target to make 20% more urban green space by 2020 by planting trees and plants. How has one big idea created awareness and action, and brought together different people and organisations to develop a momentum for urban greening?

8mins 59secs • Wed 13 Sep 2017 • Download Ben Peacock presentation(PDF, 7MB)

Kylie Legge

What attracts people to spend time in public spaces and want to invest in it? And what barriers do we need to overcome that currently stop people connecting to these spaces?

8mins 03secs •  Wed 13 Sep 2017 • Download Kylie Legge presentation(PDF, 4MB)

Peter Davies 

Why does ecology matter in our cities? What more can governments do to value our small and large natural areas? And how has our obsession with compulsive tidiness and concrete infrastructure impacted the surrounding environment?

8mins 21secs • Wed 13 Sep 2017 • Download Peter Davies presentation(PDF, 2MB)

Cultural and Natural Heritage

Dr Emilie Ens

How has a cross cultural approach to conservation in some of the most remote areas of Australia found success? And how has an understanding of Australia's Indigenous Cultural Heritage influenced and enhanced conservation methods of local environments?

7mins 56secs • Wed 11 Oct 2017

Dr Donna Houston

How do we place value on heritage in our cities today as we face increasing pressure of population growth and the lack of green and open spaces? And what does it mean to work with inherited heritage in the 21st century?

7mins 37sec • Wed 11 Oct 2017

Sarah Holland-Clift

How are councils, state government agencies and the community working together to make Parramatta River swimmable again by 2025? And why is it important that we take action now towards sustainable management of our natural resources? What benefits will be made for our future and the community?

8mins 44secs • Wed 11 Oct 2017