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At its meeting on 22 May 2018, Council resolved to reduce single-use plastics at Council events. As plastic does not biodegrade, instead it breaks into small micro-plastics which have a detrimental impact on the health of our waterways, oceans and marine life.

Click here to see the list of items not permitted at City of Ryde events and approved alternatives.

To assist with this transition at our events, Council is creating a list of approved disposable sustainable food packaging suppliers that event stallholders can useTherefore, Council is inviting suppliers of disposable sustainable food packaging to register for this list. Please note that you will only be listed as a supplier if you meet the requirements listed below.

Why register?

This list of suppliers who are honouring Council’s commitment to reducing single-use plastics will be provided to stallholders at Council events. At City of Ryde's Granny Smith Festival there are over 200 stallholders in attendance at this flagship event.

The requirements

To be listed, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Supply all of the following disposable food packaging items:
    • Cutlery
    • Plates, bowls and trays
    • Hot and cold cups
    • Takeaway food containers.
  2. Disposable food packaging items must be compostable in a commercial system (e.g. starch, bamboo, cardboard, paper, and wood) and any bioplastic must meet the Australian composting standard AS4736.
  3. Hold an Australian ABN.

How to register

Provide the following documents to Council:

  1. Contact details for the business and the ABN
  2. A product catalogue of sustainable food packaging
  3. A price list
  4. A sample of products
  5. Documentation proving certification of products
  6. Any further documentation highlighting sustainability of the products and / or business.

Register Online 

Sustainable food packaging supplier list 

Below is a list of businesses who have registered as a Supplier of Sustainable Food Packaging with City of Ryde. In order to be registered businesses must meet Australian Standards AS4736 and AS5810 for compostable items. 

Not on the list? Register now.

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