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Pre-Booked Household CleanUp Collection

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Council’s Pre-Booked Household CleanUp Collection service is currently still operating however this may change in line with COVID-19 restrictions. We ask our residents to only book urgent collections during this time and check our website for further updates.

Terms & Conditions - How to Book - Accepted Items - Not Accepted Items

Household CleanUp is a free waste service offered by Council to City of Ryde residents for the disposal of bulky unwanted household items.

Please note: Business / Commercial and some non-ratable properties are not eligible for Household CleanUp. 

Please note: clean up stickers are no longer being mailed out until further notice. All acceptable items placed out on the nature strip will be removed on the confirmed booking dates even without the stickers. 

Are your items too good to waste?

Before making a CleanUp booking, extend the life of your items:

  • Donate items to friends, family or a local charity store.
  • Contact The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre, click here for more information.

  • Hold a Garage Sale, click here for more information.
  • Sell items online e.g. Gumtree, eBay or through local Facebook pages (charges may apply).
  • Use local clothing donation bins, click here for more information.
  • Keep garden organics that are accepted through our Chipping and Mulching Service

Household CleanUp Terms & Conditions

5 Per Year

Each property has access to up to 5 CleanUp collections per calendar year.

1.5 Cubic Metres1.5 CUBIC METRES

You can place up to 1.5 cubic metres of material out per collection, which is equivalent to one box trailer load.

1 Day Before1 DAY BEFORE

You can only place items out on your nature strip 1 day before your booked collection date, no earlier and no later. 

2 Days Before
2 days before

Booking cancellations must be reported to Council two (2) business days prior to your CleanUp booking. You can phone Council on 9952 8222 or email

Plan Ahead

Bookings fill up fast, especially around peak holiday periods. So please plan ahead to avoid disappointment. The Household CleanUp service is only available on the same day as your regular bin collection. In addition, bookings need to be made at least 10 business days in advance.

Ensure you are aware of all Household CleanUp Terms & Conditions(PDF, 361KB).

How to Book

Live in a house?

Unit/apartment complex or duplex?
Live in a unit/apartment

complex or duplex?

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Book your CleanUp online
or call 9952 8222


Have your own
set of bins


Share a bin service
with others in your

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Set yourself a reminder for 
your booked CleanUp date


notice board
Check your notice board or contact your

Managing Body for your next CleanUp date


Place CleanUp items on the nature strip 1 day before your booked CleanUp 
date and place the sticker provided on your CleanUp pile facing the road

Note: If you live in a unit or apartment complex or are a Managing Body trying to book, click here for more information.

Ensure your CleanUp items are:

  • Compliant and accepted CleanUp items, click here for more information
  • Bundled and tied, including garden organics, fence palings, carpet and linoleum
  • Safe to handle with no spikes, thorns, tacks or nails
  • No longer than 1.5 metres in length
  • Contained in boxes or bags (especially small loose items)
  • Separated into 3 piles: metals, garden organics and general waste items
  • Not obstructed and can be accessed easily by the collection truck
  • Presented neatly on the nature strip not obstructing the footpath, and within 15 metres of the kurb side. 


  • Do not place items on your nature strip without a booking. Fines may apply
  • Do not place items out earlier than 1 day before your booked collection date. Fines may apply. Placing items out earlier may encourage others to illegally dump items on your pile, making it non-compliant.
  • Do not place more than 1.5 cubic metres of materials out for collection

CleanUp Sticker

A fluorescent yellow sticker will be posted to your address, along with a confirmation letter, after you have made a booking. To ensure your CleanUp pile is not mistaken for illegal dumping, please place this sticker on your pile facing towards the road. Please call Council if you do not receive this sticker.

Accepted Items


Such as couches, drawers, chairs, bookshelves, kitchen appliances
Conditions: No longer than 2 metres in length and must be able to be lifted by 2 people

Accepted ItemsMattresses and bed frames

Conditions: No longer than 2 metres in length

Accepted ItemsGarden organics
Such as branches, twigs, vegetation (it is best to place leaves and grass clippings in your green lid garden organics bin)

Conditions: Must be bundled and tied with no spikes and no longer than 1.5 metres in length and 8 cm in diameter. Garden organics placed in bags will go to landfill

Accepted ItemsMetal and whitegoods
Such as fridges, freezers, microwaves, ladders, filing cabinets

Conditions: Doors must be removed for health and safety reasons and must be able to be lifted by 2 people

Accepted ItemsSmall household items
Such as toys, books, suitcases, lamps, baskets

Conditions: Loose items must be contained in boxes or bags

Accepted ItemsFence palings and wood
Conditions: Must be bundled and tied nails removed or hammered flat
Accepted ItemsCarpet and linoleum
Conditions: Must be rolled and tied Nails/tacks removed or facing inwards
Accepted ItemsBulk cardboard
Currently large quantities of cardboard can be taken to the Resource Recovery Centre in Wicks Rd for free

Conditions: Must be flattened (or can be placed in your yellow lid recycling bin)

Accepted ItemsLarge containers and tins

Conditions: Must be empty

Accepted ItemsHot water systems, pool filter  

Conditions: Must be able to be lifted by 2 people and no longer than 1.8M in length

Accepted ItemsGarden equipment

Such as hoses, buckets, pots
Conditions: Small items must be contained in a box or bag (or place in your general waste bin)

Not Accepted Items

Not Accepted ItemsTVs, computers and associated equipment

Such as screens, monitors, printers, scanners and cables.
How to Dispose: Book a separate free collection. For more information click here or call 9952 8222

Not Accepted ItemsGas bottles

How to Dispose: Take to nearest transfer station

Not Accepted ItemsPaint, chemicals, solvents and batteries

How to Dispose: Click here for disposal options or take to nearest transfer station

Not Accepted ItemsMirrors and glass items E.g. glass doors, tables, windows

How to Dispose: Take to nearest transfer station

Not Accepted ItemsTree trunks and branches over 8cm in diameter
How to Dispose: Click here for our chipping and mulching service or take to nearest transfer station 
Not Accepted ItemsPalm Fronds, or Garden Organics with spikes or thorns
Not Accepted ItemsCar bodies, engine blocks and tyres
How to Dispose: Take to nearest transfer station or call a scrap metal company
Not Accepted ItemsDecaying material
How to Dispose: Take to nearest transfer station
Not Accepted ItemsGeneral household garbage
How to Dispose: Place in red lid general waste bin
Not Accepted ItemsTrade waste
How to Dispose: Take to nearest transfer station, hire a skip bin or contact a waste removal company
How to Dispose: Take to nearest transfer station, hire a skip bin or contact a waste removal company
Not Accepted Itemspianos

How to Dispose: Contact a waste removal company.

Not Accepted ItemsBuilding / Commercial / Trade Waste

Including by not limited to fibro, plaster board, insulation bats, dirt, sand, stones, bricks, concrete, roof tiles and demolition material.
How to Dispose: Take to nearest transfer station, hire a skip bin or contact a waste removal company.


If you have an item that is not listed above or an item you are unsure of, please call Customer Service on 9952 8222.

It is your responsibility to dispose of items presented that are not collected as part of CleanUp.

Unacceptable or Non-Compliant items can be disposed of at the SUEZ Ryde Resources Recovery Centre located at 145 Wicks Rd, North Ryde. Fees may apply. For more information click here for their website or call 1300 651 116.

REMEMBER: You may be fined for illegal dumping if you place materials on the nature strip earlier than 1 day before your booked CleanUp date or if you place materials on the nature strip without a CleanUp booking. Fines exceeding $2,000 may apply.



Last updated on 20 July 2021