Mobile Food Vans

Food trucks and crowd of people in street

Mobile food vending vehicles are considered retail food businesses as they sell food to the public. This includes mobile food vans that are:

  • Selling food on private land within a permitted zone and with the permission of the land owner
  • Selling food on permitted council land under a Section 68 approval
  • Selling food on public roads as street traders
  • Garaging, maintaining or storing food supplies and equipment (home jurisdiction)
  • Attending an event.

If you would like to register a mobile food vehicle, you will need to complete and submit the mobile food van registration form to Council. An officer of the Environmental Health team will contact you to arrange an inspection and issue the applicable approval.

Approval will not be granted to sell within 200 metres of any business selling the same or similar products or on any Prohibited Roads(PDF, 34KB).

All mobile food vending vehicles must comply with the Guidelines for Mobile Food Vending Vehicles and be inspected by Council’s Environmental Health Officer before trading commences.

Food businesses operating mobile food vending vehicles may need to appoint a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) if the food they prepare and serve is:

  • Ready-to-eat
  • Potentially hazardous ie. needs temperature control
  • Not sold and served in the supplier's original package.

The business needs to ensure an FSS is appointed and the FSS certificate is available in the vehicle before commencement of operation. Please see Food Safety Supervisor for information on how to obtain a certificate.

If you would like to attend or hold an event in the City of Ryde area, please visit our Events page.