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Social Inclusion Advisory Committee

Role and Responsibilities

Formerly known as the Access Committee, the primary role of the Social Inclusion Committee is to provide advice to Council to ensure that all residents and visitors to the City of Ryde are able to participate actively in all aspects of community and civic life, and ensure that Council recognises and values the diversity of its community.

For more detailed information download the Social Inclusion Advisory Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 180KB).


Chairperson: Clr Penny Pedersen 
Community Representatives: Cate Sinclair, Deb Maio, Ebony Appel, Gary Squire, Gregory McClure, Helen Crouch, Janice Perrett, Cecilia Park, Jim Towers, Julie Hill, Julie Jones, Kate Hanley, Nalyn Sirivivatnanon, Rebecca Ho, Richard Scenna, Rossella Tisci, Sarah McFayden, Tony Bernauer, Verity Greenwood, Wendy Innes, Yoon Park, Jen Humphrey, Gabriel Van Duinen
Convenor: Sean Willenberg 


The Committee meets quarterly on Wednesdays in the Council Chambers, Level 1a, 1 Pope Street, Ryde at 6.00 pm.

Agendas Minutes
8 September 2021(PDF, 68KB)  
2 June 2021(PDF, 101KB)
 2 June 2021(PDF, 165KB)
3 March 2021(PDF, 103KB) 3 March 2021(PDF, 166KB)

Past Agendas and Minutes

Agendas Minutes
18 November 2020 18 November 2020(PDF, 176KB)
4 March 2020(PDF, 130KB) 4 March 2020
20 November 2019(PDF, 130KB) 20 November 2019(PDF, 197KB)
4 September 2019(PDF, 132KB) 4 September 2019(PDF, 203KB)  
5 June 2019(PDF, 78KB) 5 June 2019(PDF, 142KB)
6 March 2019(PDF, 133KB)
6 March 2019(PDF, 200KB)
21 November(PDF, 79KB) 21 November(PDF, 201KB)
5 September(PDF, 134KB) 5 September(PDF, 187KB)
6 June(PDF, 78KB) 6 June(PDF, 150KB)
7 March(PDF, 92KB) 7 March(PDF, 192KB)
- Chair's Vision Statement(PDF, 171KB)
5 Jul 2017  5 Jul 2017 
29 Mar 2017(PDF, 16KB)   29 Mar 2017(PDF, 54KB)  
7 Dec 2016(PDF, 18KB)
7 Dec 2016(PDF, 187KB)
5 Oct 2016(PDF, 45KB)      5 Oct 2016(PDF, 197KB)    
6 Jul 2016(PDF, 45KB)      6 Jul 2016(PDF, 192KB)     
23 Mar 2016(PDF, 45KB)      23 Mar 2016(PDF, 181KB)   
25 Nov 2015(PDF, 240KB) 25 Nov 2015(PDF, 120KB)
30 Sep 2015(PDF, 239KB)
30 Sep 2015(PDF, 167KB)
1 Jul 2015(PDF, 72KB) 1 Jul 2015(PDF, 144KB) 
5 Mar 2015(PDF, 95KB) 5 Mar 2015(PDF, 171KB)

More Information

If you have any enquiries please contact the Senior Coordinator Cultural and Social Planning - Strategic City on 9952 8222.

Last updated on 17 September 2021