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Garden Organics Collection

Each household is provided with one 240 litre green lid garden organics bin which is emptied fortnightly on the same day as your garbage bin.

Apartment buildings are provided with 240 litre green lid bins as required. Extra green lid garden organics bins are available at an additional charge. Please see the Residential Bins section for more information.

Where does your garden organics go? 

Your garden organics are collected and transported by truck to the SUEZ Organics Resource Recovery Facility in Eastern Creek where it is turned into high quality mulch and compost for resale.


Council will accept:

Grass clippings
Accepted ItemsGrass clippings
Grass clippings
Accepted ItemsLeaves

Accepted ItemsBark


Accepted ItemsTwigs and sticks


Accepted ItemsPlants


Accepted ItemsFlowers


Accepted ItemsWeeds


Accepted ItemsPrunings

Accepted ItemsBranches up to 8cm in diameter and 90cm in length


Council will NOT collect:

Not Accepted ItemsPlastic bags including bagged garden organics

Palm Fronds

Not Accepted ItemsPalm fronds – take to your nearest Resource Recovery Centre (fees may apply)

Not Accepted ItemsBranches over 8cm in diameter and 90cm in length – book a free Chipping and Mulching Service

Food scraps

Not Accepted ItemsFood scraps

Soil and rocks

Not Accepted ItemsDirt, rocks or soil

Not Accepted ItemsPlant pots

Not Accepted ItemsHoses or garden equipment

Not Accepted ItemsPlastic packaging

Polystyrene foam

Not Accepted ItemsPolystyrene or foam

Animal waste

Not Accepted ItemsAnimal waste or kitty litter

Not Accepted ItemsTreated timber

Not Accepted ItemsPaper and cardboard

Visit our A to Z Guide of Waste and Recycling for disposal options.

Did you know you can turn your garden organics into mulch and compost?

Before using your garden organics bin, have you considered using Council’s free Chipping and Mulching Service or perhaps composting your garden organics? Not only will this free up space in your green lid garden organics bin but will give you great mulch and fertiliser to use on your own garden.

Chipping and Mulching Service 

Book a free kerbside service to chip and mulch your pruned branches. For more information go to the Chipping and Mulching page.

Compost Bins and Worm Farms

Purchase a compost bin or worm farm from Council at subsidised rates and have it delivered to your door at no extra cost.

For more information visit our Compost Bins and Worm Farms page.

Resources in Other Languages

You can find information on City of Ryde's garbage, recycling and garden organics collection in languages other than English below.

Last updated on 13 September 2021