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Compost Bins and Worm Farms

Council provides subsidised compost bins and worm farms for our residents to help minimise food waste and produce nutrient-rich fertiliser for your garden.

Please visit our Customer Service Centre at 1 Pope Street, Ryde or give our Customer Service team a call on 9952 8222 to place your order. Your compost bin or worm farm will be delivered to your property free of charge within 5 working days.

Worm Farms

Worm farm WormCafe

Cost: $61.50
Dimensions: 58cm (Length) x 39cm (Width) x 66.5cm (Height)

Worms turn your food leftovers into rich soil-like ‘castings’ which are great for feeding to house plants, adding to seedling mixes and potting soils or top-dressing around plants.

Worm Farms:

  • can suit almost any household
  • only take a small area
  • can be placed anywhere inside or outside of your home where it is cool and well-shaded.

For more information visit our Worm Farming Guide page or watch the following video tutorial.

Compost Bins


Cost: $38.00
Dimensions: Capacity 220L; 77cm (Height) x 71cm (Diameter)

Composting converts organic matter like food waste into material that is rich in nutrients and makes an excellent fertiliser for your backyard or as a substitute for potting mix.

Compost bins:

  • suits households with a yard or garden.
  • need to be stored in a well-drained and shady position.
  • need occasional turning to keep the compost aerated and healthy.

To find out more about composting go to the Composting Guide page or watch the following video tutorial.

Events and workshops

Council runs free Composting and Worm Farming workshops for our residents throughout the year. Participants who live in the City of Ryde will receive a discount voucher for 50% off the price of a compost bin or worm farm.

Visit our Workshops, Talks & Tours page for more information.

Last updated on 21 October 2021