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Recycling Collection

This video is part of a NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, Waste Less Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.

Each household is provided with one 240 litre yellow lid recycling bin which is emptied fortnightly on the same day as your garbage bin.

Small apartment buildings are allocated one 240 litre yellow lid recycling bin per two units which are emptied weekly. Large apartment buildings are provided with 1100 litre bins to be shared between multiple units which are serviced two times per week.

Extra yellow lid recycling bins are available at an additional charge. Please see the Residential Bins section for more information.

Please note:

  • Only Council issued bins will be emptied
  • Excess recycling in bags or cartons will not be collected
  • Bins overflowing, weighing greater than 70kg and/or containing unacceptable material will not be emptied.

Where does my recycling go? 

Your recycling is collected and transported by truck to the VISY Materials Recovery Facility in Smithfield where it is sorted by hand and machinery into different types, put into bales, then sent to specialist recycling plants to be made into recycled products.


Council will collect:

Accepted Items

Plastic bottles and containers—keep plastic lids on

Accepted Items

Glass bottles and jars—remove lids

Accepted Items

Aluminium and steel cans

Accepted Items

Cardboard packaging


Accepted Items

Milk and juice cartons

Accepted Items

Flattened cardboard boxes

Accepted Items

Paper and envelopes

Accepted Items

Newspaper and magazines

Accepted Items

Junk mail

Accepted Items

Empty pizza boxes—remove food scraps

Council will NOT collect:

Not Accepted ItemsPlastic bags including bagged recycling

Not Accepted ItemsPlastic packaging—take to your nearest REDcycle outlet

Not Accepted ItemsFood scraps—put fruit and veggie scraps in a Compost Bin or Worm Farm

Not Accepted ItemsPolystyrene and foam

Not Accepted ItemsTissues and paper towels

Not Accepted ItemsClothing and textiles—put in a Clothing Bin if in good condition


Not Accepted ItemsToys

Crockery and glassware

Not Accepted ItemsCrockery or glassware

Not Accepted ItemsElectronic items

Not Accepted ItemsNappies

Visit our A to Z Guide of Waste and Recycling for more disposal options.

Did you know you can recycle other items elsewhere?

The City of Ryde provides additional services for selected items that cannot be recycled through the yellow lid recycling bin:

SUEZ Ryde Resource Recovery Centre located at 145 Wicks Road also accepts recyclable materials including whitegoods, car batteries and scrap metal. Please call 1300 651 116 for pricing information, opening times and accepted materials.

This video is part of a NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, Waste Less Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.

For more information about where you can recycle specific household items consult the A-Z Waste and Recycling Guide(PDF, 222KB)  and read our Tips and Tricks for Advanced Recyclers(PDF, 317KB).

Still can’t find where you can recycle an item?
Try searching on the Recycling Near You website.

Resources in Other Languages

You can find information on City of Ryde's garbage, recycling and garden organics collection in languages other than English below.

Last updated on 13 September 2021