Public Place Recycling and Butt-Out Bins

City of Ryde is one of the few Councils that has public place recycling. 

Public place recycling is a key factor in increasing the City of Ryde’s recycling rate.

Waste and Recycling Bins Stations

Council has installed more than 280 waste and recycling bin stations in parks and sportsfields and has now completed installation of 163 new waste and recycling bin stations in shopping centres, high use areas and bus stops. 

It is important to note that the public place bin stations are not for the disposal of commercial or household waste. 

Information pamphlets advising the correct use of the bin stations are also distributed to local shop keepers, residents and are available at Customer Service and Libraries. 

To request a pamphlet call Council's Customer Service on 9952 8222.

Cigarette Butt-Out Bins

To reduce the incidence of cigarette butts littering our streets, Council has provided ash trays attached to the above street waste and recycling stations. ‘Butt-Out’ bins are also located outside Council's community halls and facilities