No Advertising Mail Stickers

Help us reduce litter and household paper use by refusing to accept advertising material in your letterbox.

City of Ryde residents can collect a free ‘No advertising mail’ sticker from the Customer Service Centre. 

Council has taken an initiative to help reduce litter in our local community. Households can receive around 20 items of unaddressed advertising each week, more than 1000 per year. These items often end up as litter on our street. 

To reduce the delivery of unwanted advertising material, the Australian Catalogue Association (ACA) established the Distribution Standards Board (DSB). The DSB has a Code of Practice for the regulation of its members which can be viewed on the DSB website. The DSB also provides a telephone hotline for consumers to ring and report illegal or irresponsible distribution practices 1800 676 136. 

City of Ryde residents can collect a free ‘No advertising mail’ sticker and mail card from the Customer Service Centre or by completing an online order form.

Please Note: Some exemptions apply such as community newsletters, local leaflets, electoral material and items from registered charities. Also, not all catalogue distributors are members of the Distribution Standards Board.

Did You Know?

Online catalogue sites such as Catalogue Central are the modern, paperless alternative to see what your favourite stores are selling. Council encourages you to support this sustainable option.