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Compost Bins and Worm Farms

Compost Bin

City of Ryde residents can purchase a subsidised worm farm or compost bin from Council's Customer Service Centre at the Civic Centre, 1 Devlin Street Ryde.

Worm Farms

Cost: $64

Worms turn your food leftovers into rich soil-like ‘castings’ which are great for feeding to house plants, adding to seedling mixes and potting soils or top-dressing around plants.

Worm Farms:

  • can suit almost any household.
  • only take a small area
  • can be placed anywhere inside or outside of your home where it is cool and well-shaded.

To find out more go to the Worm Farming Guide page.

Compost Bins

Cost: $32.50

Composting converts organic matter like food waste into material that is rich in nutrients and makes an excellent fertiliser for your backyard or as a substitute for potting mix.

Compost bins:

  • suits households with a yard or garden.
  • need to be stored in a well-drained and shady position.
  • need occasional turning of the compost is required as it keeps it aerated and healthy.

To find out more about composting go to the Composting Guide page

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Last updated on 22 July 2016