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Bicycle Advisory Committee

Role and Responsibilities

Advises Council on all matters relating to cycling in the City of Ryde.

For more detailed information download the Bicycle Advisory Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 269KB).


Chairperson: Clr Bernard Purcell 

Councillor(s): Clr Jordan Lane (Deputy Chairperson)
Community Representatives: Terry Perram, Jill Hartley, Alf Torrisi, Paul McDonald, Craig McMurdo, Feliz Lo, Marios Elles, Mark Ames.


Meetings are held on Mondays in the Council Committee Room, Level 1A, 1 Pope Street, Top Ryde at 6.00 pm.
2020 meeting dates: 9 March, 18 May, 17 August, 16 November

Agendas Minutes
9 March 2020(PDF, 159KB)  

Past Agendas and Minutes

Agendas Minutes
25 November 2019(PDF, 162KB) 25 November 2019(PDF, 200KB)
19 August 2019(PDF, 159KB) 19 August 2019(PDF, 201KB)  
20 May 2019(PDF, 157KB) 20 May 2019(PDF, 191KB)
11 March 2019(PDF, 160KB) 11 March 2019(PDF, 208KB) 
19 November 2018(PDF, 159KB) 19 November 2018(PDF, 206KB)
20 August 2018(PDF, 161KB) 20 August 2018(PDF, 190KB)
21 May 2018(PDF, 160KB) 21 May 2018(PDF, 204KB)
12 March 2018(PDF, 159KB) 12 March 2018(PDF, 187KB)
7 Aug 2017(PDF, 163KB)    7 Aug 2017(PDF, 178KB)
5 Jun 2017(PDF, 43KB) 5 Jun 2017(PDF, 195KB)
10 Apr 2017 10 Apr 2017(PDF, 47KB)
6 Feb 2017(PDF, 147KB) 6 Feb 2017(PDF, 130KB)
05 Dec 2016(PDF, 118KB)   05 Dec 2016(PDF, 48KB)  
31 Oct 2016(PDF, 147KB)
31 Oct 2016(PDF, 50KB)
29 Aug 2016(PDF, 118KB)   29 Aug 2016(PDF, 52KB)  
20 Jun 2016(PDF, 194KB) 20 Jun 2016(PDF, 46KB)  
11 Apr 2016(PDF, 146KB) 11 Apr 2016(PDF, 81KB)
1 Feb 2016(PDF, 147KB) 1 Feb 2016(PDF, 64KB)
7 Dec 2015(PDF, 149KB) 7 Dec 2015(PDF, 249KB)
12 Oct 2015(PDF, 148KB) 12 Oct 2015(PDF, 66KB)
31 Aug 2015(PDF, 183KB) 31 Aug 2015(PDF, 311KB)
15 Jun 2015(PDF, 178KB) 15 Jun 2015(PDF, 311KB)
13 Apr 2015(PDF, 179KB) 13 Apr 2015(PDF, 252KB)
2 Mar 2015(PDF, 180KB) 2 Mar 2015(PDF, 199KB)


More Information
If you have any enquiries please contact the Section Manager - Traffic & Governance on 9952 8222.

Note: Excel copies of the Cycle Count Data are available upon request, please email


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Last updated on 28 September 2020