Merit Selection Process

Merit Selection is the process used to ensure that recruitment and selection decisions are based on the relative merits of applicants against the requirements of the position and not on considerations that are irrelevant to success in the role.

The objective is to ensure that applicants are drawn from a pool of candidates appropriate for the type and level of position to be filled and have the opportunity to contest the position within an impartial and objective selection process. The values of integrity, fairness, and due process are all associated with a Merit Selection process. 

The above does not mean that recruitment and selection strategies are always the same for every type of position and circumstance. Each recruitment exercise is considered on a case by case basis and strategies put in place to ensure the best outcome for each particular position. However, the principles of fairness, transparency, and merit are consistently applied irrespective of how the recruitment process is structured.


The following principles are embraced in all recruitment and selection actions within the City of Ryde:

  • All applicants will have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their suitability for appointment with selection decisions based on the qualifications, skills and relevant experience of each applicant against the requirements of the position.
  • All parties involved in selection decisions will assess applicants on the basis of their relative merit for the position and not on irrelevant considerations which may infer preferential treatment of a candidate or group of candidates.
  • The pool of applicants sought will be consistent with the type of position to be filled and the nature of the vacancy.
  • Staff involved in the selection process will act with integrity and be confident that no issues of bias, favouritism, or corrupt practices can be held against them.
  • Panel members are required to sign a Conflict of Interest Declaration as a condition of panel membership.
  • Information discussed during a selection process remains confidential between panel members and those with authority to make appointment decisions.
  • Continuous monitoring and review by Strategic Human Resources and Directors will be used to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of Merit Selection within the City of Ryde.