Community Buildings Licensing Policy

The Community Buildings Licensing Policy has been established to create consistency in how Council manages these buildings. The Policy also creates transparency and ensures equity when tenanting new or vacant buildings. The policy is written in plain English and provides standard tenant and Council responsibilities.

The objectives of the policy are to:

  • Support not-for-profit organisations to provide quality services that meet community needs through the provision of community buildings
  • Ensure transparent, equitable and consistent processes
  • Provide clarity and certainty for tenants and prospective tenants regarding expected licence fees, building responsibilities and renewal procedures
  • Ensure sound financial management and effective administration of Council’s community buildings.

The policy informs on:

  • Licensing fees – A cost-to-Council approach is used for setting licensing fees. Council seeks only to recover all or part of the costs of providing the facility – rather than profit or market subsidy.
  • Subsidies – Council provides generous subsidies to tenants based on the tenants’ capacity-to-contribute and its benefit to the community.
  • Transparent Processes – A transparent process for services seeking sessional or licenced subsided accommodation with Council.

Process of Policy Development

We have documented the process of the policy development below: 

More Information

If you require more information, contact the Community Venue Hire Team on 9952 8222.