Building defect – 23 Halifax St, Macquarie Park

Published on 18 January 2024

Building Inspection

The Building Commission NSW has issued a rectification order for apartment buildings situated at 23 Halifax St, Lachlan’s Line, Macquarie Park.

Council fully supports the Building Commission issuing the order and understands that the Building Commission has publicly stated that there is no danger to the occupiers of the development as a result of the defects.

Council’s chief concern is the safety of its residents and the protection of their property and is seeking further clarification as to whether there are any impacts our own facilities within this development, including an auditorium, childcare centre, retail area and surrounding public domain areas, that are contained within or adjoining the development and is seeking its own advice as to the implications of the Order with respect to those facilities.

The Rectification Order can be viewed here.

Concerned residents are advised to contact to contact Building Commission NSW by calling 13 32 20 or by completing an online form here.