Local Heritage Assistance Fund

The aim of the Local Heritage Assistance Fund is to encourage the conservation of residential heritage properties in the City of Ryde.

The Local Heritage Assistance Fund provides support to owners of listed residential of local Heritage Items and properties identified as Contributory Items in Heritage Conservation Areas, by offering a financial grant to facilitate and offset costs associated with undertaking repairs, maintenance and conservation works. Council invites those that are eligible to apply any time. Scroll down for more information, or download the Heritage Grant Guidelines(PDF, 3MB).

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Alternitevely, you can download and complete the PDF form(PDF, 142KB)


Who Can Apply?

The funding program is available to residential properties which are either items of local heritage significance or identified as ‘contributory items’ in Heritage Conservation Areas that are listed on Schedule 5 of the Ryde Local Environmental Plan 2014 (Ryde LEP 2014).

Preference is given to applicants who have not received funding through the Ryde Local Heritage Assistance Fund within the last 3 years.


How do I know if my property is eligible?

Check that your property is a listed heritage item or situated within a HCA. See Schedule 5 of the Ryde LEP 2014.

Council’s Heritage Advisor can be contacted for assistance to identify whether your property is considered a contributory item to a HCA.


What is the amount of funding available?

The maximum funding available to successful Applicants for any one application / property is $15,000. 


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for funding, applicants must demonstrate consistency with the following eligibility criteria:

All works must involve the conservation or restoration of a residential heritage item, listed on Schedule 5 of the Ryde LEP 2014 and/or identified as a contributory item in a HCA.

All works must demonstrate compliance with the provisions of Ryde LEP 2014, specifically, clause 5.10 Heritage Conservation.

The works must be undertaken in accordance with a valid development consent (DA) or a Minor Works Heritage Exemption.

All works must have been completed within the past 12 months and by qualified trades who have demonstrated skills and experience in dealing with heritage fabric.

All works must be completed and tax invoices submitted with the application (including a copy of any heritage management document).

All works must be undertaken in accordance with good heritage conservation practices and methodology (refer to the guidelines and publications available from Heritage NSW).

The Ryde Local Heritage Assistance Fund can also contribute to the preparation of a heritage management document, including:

  • A Conservation Management Plan (CMP).
  • An Archaeological Management Plan (AMP).
  • A Heritage Impact Statement (HIS).

What projects / works are eligible for funding?

Projects / works eligible for funding include:

  • Repair or reinstatement of original or missing elements, fabric or detailing, e.g. bargeboards, windows, verandahs, roofs, decorative details, fences.
  • Repainting by reinstating traditional colour schemes or a colour scheme appropriate to the building.
  • Preparation of a heritage management document (i.e a CMP, AMP or HIS), prepared by a qualified heritage consultant / specialist (in accordance with the relevant NSW Heritage Council guidelines).
  • Remedial works to rectify structural defects.
  • Repair of an original fence, construction of a new fence to match the original, or the construction of a new fence that is appropriate to the period and style of the heritage item or HCA.
  • Landscape works that involve reinstating or repairing original landscape features or layout.
  • Preventative maintenance to ensure the longevity of the item, such as repainting, roof / guttering repairs, repointing brickwork, tuckpointing, paint removal, repairs to leadlight windows.


What projects / works are not eligible for funding?

Funding will generally not be provided for the following:

  • Construction of a new dwelling, shed, garage or carport.
  • Alterations and additions to a heritage item including renovations to kitchens and bathrooms, unless it involves the reconstruction or reinstatement of a missing element that will enhance the significance of the heritage item.
  • Demolition works (unless demolition involves the removal of non-original and non-significant fabric which enhances the significance of the heritage item or contributory building to the HCA).
  • Routine / cyclical maintenance (e.g. general garden maintenance, gutter cleaning, carpet cleaning).
  • Where financial assistance is reasonably available from another source or has previously been provided from this funding program.
  • Works that have not been completed.
  • Works that have been completed without first obtaining development consent or a Minor Works Exemption (whichever is relevant).
  • Works on non-contributory houses within HCAs or within Character Areas.
  • Relocation of a heritage item.

Do you require approval?

In most cases, development consent is required for works to a heritage item or a property within a HCA.

Clause 5.10(3) of the Ryde LEP 2014 provides Council with the ability to issue a ‘Minor Works Heritage Exemption’ for certain works that involve no more than a minor impact to the heritage item or HCA concerned.

Applicants must demonstrate that the appropriate approval or exemption has first been obtained prior to undertaking any works. Unauthorised works will not be eligible for funding.

Council’s Heritage Advisor can be contacted to discuss your project and to determine whether development consent is required for the works.


How are applications considered?

Applications will be assessed by Council’s Heritage Advisor and the Ryde Heritage Advisory Committee using the following evaluation criteria: 

The eligibility of:

  • The property
  • The project / works
  • The applicant for funding.
  • The appropriateness of the project / works to the conservation of the heritage item or contributory item in a HCA.
  • The degree in which the project / works enhances the significance of the heritage item or contributory item in a HCA.
  • The degree in which the project / works accord with acceptable heritage methodology and practice.
  • Projects / works which are highly visible to the public.
  • The quality of the project / works.
  • The general condition of the heritage item or contributory item in a HCA.
  • The completeness of the application and supporting documentation.
  • Applicants will be notified of Council’s decision, which will be final. Successful applicants will receive a cheque for the awarded grant amount. Payments are made pursuant to s356 of the Local Government Act 1993.

How can I apply?

It is recommended that you discuss your project with Council’s Heritage Advisor before applying.

Applications can be made by completing the application form available via Council’s website.

Council will only accept correctly completed applications supported by all necessary documentation.

Applications can be submitted electronically to Council by email cityofryde@ryde.nsw.gov.au.

What supporting documentation is required?

Applications must be submitted electronically before the closing date and must be accompanied by all supporting documentation, including:

  • A completed application form.
  • A legible copy of invoices / reports.
  • ‘Before and after’ photographs showing the completed project / works.
  • Supporting documentation shall be provided in PDF format. Photographs are to be submitted in JPG format. PDF images are not acceptable.


Further information

Further information about the Ryde Local Heritage Assistance Fund can be obtained by contacting Council’s Heritage Advisor on (02) 9952 8321 or email cityofryde@ryde.nsw.gov.au.


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