Update on Building defect – 23 Halifax St, Macquarie Park

Published on 08 February 2024

Building Inspection

As previously notified, the Building Commission NSW issued a rectification order for apartment buildings situated at 23 Halifax St, Lachlan’s Line, Macquarie Park.

A/Principal Compliance Officer, Mr Phillip Ji, on behalf of the Building Commission NSW, confirmed there was no imminent risk to the structural integrity of the building (including Council facilities):

"Technical reviews conducted by structural engineers from both the developer and Building Commission NSW indicate there is no imminent risk to the structural integrity of the complex. Defects identified in the Building Work Rectification Order (BWRO) relate to the long-term durability of concrete in the basement levels of the building only. The NSW Building Commissioner, attended the site on the 19 January 2024 along with the Developer and confirmed the above regarding the structural integrity."

He also confirmed that "Council [City of Ryde] does not need to cease using the Facilities; however we recommend that Council makes accommodations for the developer (where required) so that rectification work may be carried out. This work may potentially cause occasional disruption to normal use of basement. We encourage Council to liaise directly with the developer for any upcoming arrangements."

City of Ryde confirms accommodations will be made for the Developer as required so the work may be carried out as needed.

Mr Ji also confirmed the public domain spaces surrounding the complex are not affected therefore there is no risk to public safety.

The above information has also been publicly confirmed by the NSW Building Commissioner, Mr David Chandler OAM.

For information on the Rectification Order here.

Concerned residents are advised to contact Building Commission NSW by calling 13 32 20 or by completing an online form here.

NSW Fair Trading offers different services to help reduce the number of defects in NSW homes, either before completion under the Residential Apartment Building (Compliance and Enforcement Powers) Act or after receiving a complaint from an owner after completion. More information can be found on the NSW Fair Trading website.

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