Constitution Rd/Bank St Intersection: Topographical & Utilities Survey

  • Project typeTraffic and Transport
  • Project StatusCompleted - May 2024
Night Work Notification:

As part of investigation works to improve traffic capacity and vehicle/pedestrian safety, Council is undertaking topographical and utilities survey at the Constitution Road/Bank Street Intersection, Meadowbank. The topographical survey will enable Council to understand the intersection topography, ground features, vegetation and location of existing assets such as streetlight poles. The utilities survey will enable Council to understand the location of all underground/above ground services such as sewer, water supply and electrical assets.

What will the works include?

The works will involve the operation of surveying equipment at various locations at the intersection, both in the footpath and in the roadway. Surveyors will also trace and mark (spray paint) the alignment of the underground services on the footpath and road surfaces.

The works may also involve surveyors opening existing pits, valves and hydrants.

There will be no noise disturbances during the investigative works.

When will the works take place?

Investigative work will take place between 8:30pm to 5:00am on 14 May 2024. If required due to delays to work caused by inclement weather, traffic controls will also be implemented between 8:30pm to 5:00am on 15 May 2024. Traffic flows will not be impacted outside of these times.

What are the changed traffic conditions during construction?

Constitution Road West, Bank Street and Meadow Crescent will have free flowing traffic when workers are off the road. Where workers are operating in the road, live lanes will be closed in one direction only at any time for a maximum period of 60 seconds via the use of portabooms.

There will be no restrictions on existing parking. Access to shops, businesses and residences will be maintained at all times.

Traffic Controls will manage pedestrian movements with cones and signage as required.


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