City of Ryde Standard Drawings

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The City of Ryde and its employees accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, claim, expense, cost or liability arising with referencing and/or reliance on the standard drawings. It is expected that the City of Ryde’s standard drawings will be redrawn by a suitably qualified person referencing the information and responding to specific site or project conditions/requirements.  The City of Ryde title block may not be re-produced. 

The drawings may be subject to revision and users need to ensure that when referencing any standard drawing the current version is being used. Whilst all care has been taken to provide the most accurate and current standard drawings, it is the responsibility of the person referencing the drawings to ensure that the requirements of all relevant Australian Standards and guidelines are being met.

Civil Drawings

Drawing No. Title Revision Date
CIV.1.1.1 Standard Kerbs and Gutters(PDF, 1MB) E 21/06/2018
CIV.1.1.2 Bus Stop Reinforced Kerb and Gutter and Slab(PDF, 1MB) E 15/12/2017
CIV.1.2.1 Kerb and Gutter Replacement and Restoration Works(PDF, 504KB) F 21/06/2018
CIV.2.1.1 Kerb Ramp - Footpath(PDF, 190KB) E 07/07/2023
CIV.2.2.2 Kerb Ramp - Shared Footpath (Reinforced)(PDF, 194KB) E 07/07/2023
CIV.3.1 Standard Driveway Layback(PDF, 987KB) E 21/06/2018
CIV.3.2 Standard Driveway Layback (Reinforced)(PDF, 999KB) C 21/06/2018
CIV.3.3 Heavy Duty Driveway Layback(PDF, 994KB) E 21/06/2018
CIV.4.2 Standard Footway Crossing (Reinforced)(PDF, 966KB) D 16/06/2018
CIV.4.3 Medium Duty Footway Crossing(PDF, 953KB) C 16/06/2018
CIV.4.4 Heavy Duty Footway Crossing(PDF, 951KB) E 21/06/2018
CIV.5.1 Standard Concrete Footpath(PDF, 1MB) E 21/06/2018
CIV.6.1.1 Shared Path Two Way, Offroad Pavement and Jointing(PDF, 975KB) D 21/06/2018
CIV.6.2 Shared Path Two Way, Offroad Signage and Linemarking(PDF, 1MB) C 24/06/2018
CIV.10 Footpath Hob Wall(PDF, 328KB) C 24/06/2018
CIV.11 Joint Details(PDF, 524KB) B 08/10/2018
CIV.13 Porphyry Setts Vehicular Pavement(PDF, 643KB) C 18/07/2018

Typical Pavement Structure Local Roads(PDF, 450KB)

B 14/08/2019

Typical Pavement Structure Commercial, Industrial, High Density Residential & Mixed Developments(PDF, 460KB)

B 14/08/2019

Typical Pavement Structure Utility Trench Restoration(PDF, 475KB)  

B 14/08/2019

Erosion and Sediment Control Drawings 

Drawing No. Title Revision Date
ESC.1 Sediment Fence and Sediment Trap(PDF, 341KB) C 23/06/2016
ESC.5 Kerb Inlet Sediment Traps(PDF, 274KB) C 23/06/2016

Traffic Management Drawings

Drawing No. Title Revision Date
TM.5.1.1 Typical Signposting Detail(PDF, 1MB) A 24/06/2016
TM.13 Raised Pedestrian Crossing Typical Section(PDF, 285KB) C 04/11/2021
TM.14 Typical Island and Sign Installation(PDF, 357KB) A 06/02/2018

Waste Drawings

Drawing No. Title Revision Date
WAT.1.1 7.8m Garbage Truck Turning Manoeuvre(PDF, 167KB) A 21/08/2018
WAT.1.2 10.8 Garbage Truck Turning Manoeuvre(PDF, 252KB) A 15/08/2018

Stormwater Drainage Drawings

Drawing No. Title Revision Date
SWD.1.1.1 Standard Kerb Inlet on Grade Pit(PDF, 552KB) E 01/05/2018
SWD.1.2.1 Standard Kerb Inlet Sag Pit(PDF, 527KB) E 01/05/2018
SWD.1.6.1 Standard Footpath Surface Inlet Pit(PDF, 312KB) D 18/12/2017
SWD.1.7.3 Surface Inlet Pit Grate Cover(PDF, 491KB) B 18/12/2017
SWD.1.8.1 Standard Junction Pit(PDF, 379KB) D 18/12/2017
SWD.2 Standard Sub-Soil Drainage Details(PDF, 1MB) C 23/06/2016
SWD.5.1.1 Step Iron Details for Drainage Pits Deeper Than 1200mm(PDF, 999KB) D 18/12/2017
SWD.6.2 Standard Roofwater Outlet RHS Crossing Pipe(PDF, 935KB) A 23/03/2017
SWD.6.3 Roofwater Outlet RHS Crossing Pipe Granite Paved Town Centre(PDF, 981KB) A 12/09/2017
SWD.9.1.1 Typical Pipe Installation Detail(PDF, 421KB) A 24/06/2016
SWD.10.1.1 Concrete Bulkhead and Pipe Encasement Detail(PDF, 318KB) A 24/06/2016

Paving Drawings

Drawing No. Title Revision Date
PV.SPEC Pavement Type Granite Specification(PDF, 568KB) F 15/12/2017
PV1.1 Pavement Town Centre Type Concrete(PDF, 385KB) E 15/12/2017
PV1.2 Pavement Type Granite(PDF, 554KB) F 15/12/2017
PV3.1 & PV3.1.1 Joint Types(PDF, 931KB) E 15/12/2017
PV3.2 & PV3.3 Joint Types(PDF, 916KB) D 28/06/2017
PV3.3.1 & PV3.4 Joint Types(PDF, 950KB) E 15/12/2017
PV3.6 Concrete Slab Joint Setout(PDF, 210KB) E 15/12/2017
PV4.1 & PV4.2 Paving Setout and Cutting Examples(PDF, 951KB) D 28/06/2016
PV4.6.2 PV4.6.3 PV4.7.1 Kerb Ramp 150mm X150mm X 60mm Granite(PDF, 1003KB) D 28/06/2016
PV4.9 & PV4.9.2 Vehicle Crossing(PDF, 265KB) F 15/12/2017
PV4.9.1 & PV4.9.3 Macquarie Park Vehicle Crossing(PDF, 271KB) F 15/12/2017
PV6.1 & PV6.2 Steel Edge Types Granite Paving to Garden Bed(PDF, 955KB) D 28/06/2016

Planting Drawings

Drawing No. Title Revision Date
PL2.1.3 Tree Pit with Groundcover Infill Typical(PDF, 1MB) D 12/12/2017
PL2.1.5 Tree Pit & Mulch Infill(PDF, 1MB) A 08/08/2016
PL2.1.6 Tree Pit & Resin Bound Aggregate Infill(PDF, 1MB) B 15/12/2017
PL2.2.1 Tree Pit with Tree Grate and Granite Banding- Typical(PDF, 1016KB) B 15/12/2017
PL2.3.1 Tree Planting with Resin Bound Aggregate Typical(PDF, 961KB) D 12/12/2017
PL2.3.4 Tree Planting with Groundcover Infill Typical(PDF, 939KB) D 12/12/2017
PL2.3.5 Tree Planting with Tree Grate Typical(PDF, 938KB) D 12/12/2017
PL3.1 & PL3.1.1 Tree Guard and Tree Guard Fixing Detail Typical(PDF, 177KB) C 22/06/2016
PL7.1 Standard Turf Profile(PDF, 184KB) D 15/12/2017

Street Furniture Drawings

Drawing No. Title Revision Date
SF1.1, SF1.1.1 & SF1.1.2 Street Furniture Bench Seat with Back(PDF, 248KB) C 22/06/2016
SF2.2 Stainless Steel Removable Bollard(PDF, 896KB) A 30/06/2016
SF2.2.1 Stainless Steel Fixed Insitu Bollard(PDF, 883KB) C 30/06/2016
SF4.0 & SF4.0.1 City of Ryde Rubbish Bin Enclosure(PDF, 941KB) C 22/06/2016
SF5.1 Stainless Steel Bike Loop - Typical(PDF, 868KB) A 30/06/2016